Dealers call 631-424-4478 for Information

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We provide Alarmnet Radio Monitoring on a Nationwide basis for all licensed alarm companies.  Call 631-424-4478 to open your account and get started providing Alarmnet service to your customers. 


How do I setup an Alarmnet account?

 Simply call 631-424-4478 and we will get you started

What Information Do I need To Program A Radio?

You will need the city code (1) CSID (78) and an account number

Do I Need a Programmer for the Radio? 

Not for the new Cellular Radios. 7845C and 7845Z only require the information we provide for you and the bar code on the radio. Call Alarmnet directly for activation.

How Am I Billed For This Service?

We bill you directly on a quarterly basis until you reach ten radios. You are then billed monthly if you so desire. Rates are confidential on this site so call us for pricing.

What is My Radio Account Number at CMS?

All radios are on the 13-08 receiver line so your radio account number is 13-08-XXXX where XXXX is the radio number we assign you. You will send ALL dispatch and zone info to CMS. We only require the subscriber name and phone number.

Do I Need To Sign a Long Term Contract for Monitoring?

No. Billing is on a month-to-month basis.