About Us

Gold Coast Technology and our sister company Chain Store Security have been designing and installing security and surveillance systems since 1973. We have developed and installed systems ranging from $1500.00 to $500,000.00 in scope. Our client base also ranges from the rich and famous to your next door neighbor. Whatever your needs we look to your lifestyle to integrate what we do with how you live. Every system is personally designed, configured and programmed by our founder, William Vitulli and all of our staff are readily available to speak to whenever you should need us. 

Every one of our security and fire systems is professionally monitored by a fully automated Underwriters Laboratories Approved central office. We backup all of our installations with a two way radio system that gets the alarm through under adverse conditions.

Video surveillance is one of our specialites and we have the experience and knowledge to install any size system you may need. Estate grounds may be viewed with concealed cameras on any television or computer in your home and recorded as well. You may even view your entire home from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Our installers pre-wire homes for cable and satellite, telephone and computer networks as standard procedure. When you have the need to access these services we are ready to connect you. Home builders should contact us for pre-wire pricing packages.

We are extremely computer literate and can install any level home networking and internet access sharing system you may require. This "one-source" approach saves you time, money and aggrivation allowing you to deal with just one experienced company.

The security systems we install are not just for protecting your home. Our systems actually turn on and off at predetermined times and are capable of controlling lighting and power as well. Our high end systems can even provide access control with magnetically locking doors. Hidden controllers require an encoded card to be presented near the door to gain access or a simple keypad may be used. All these systems are fully integrated so that approaching a door may turn off specific alarmed areas and turn on lights all at the same time.

Not all of our systems require such sophistication but all are of the highest quality and relability and all provide added benefits and features others do not. Our pricing is reasonable and affordable.

All of our systems may be controlled by LCD screen touch displays that guide you easily through all system features. Voice automation is another way we make your life easier should you require this feature.

Call us today at 631-424-4478 to discuss what we can do for you.